Hey everyone! My name is Elliot Glotfelty and I am on the adventure of a lifetime (well at least of my 24 years). I picked up my life as a research scientist in the states (Maryland) and hopped over to Asia for my first extended stay abroad. I’m here to share with you my experience volunteering with a local NGO in Chiang Mai, called Urban Light, and all the joys that come with living in this awesome city and in Thailand. Through my words and photography, you’ll get the picture. Looking forward showing you around!

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  1. Hi Elliot, What kind of research scientist are you? I just left the Blue Ventures program (google it if you wish) to learn to do studies of reef health. Now I can tell a soft coral from a hard coral or hydroids or tunicates. Great experience and a good exposure to real poverty, not like the comparative wealth of Thailand. I hope to get involved in reef monitoring programs in Thailand to and/or start my own. But I am still alarmed at the way extremely exaggerated trafficking stories influence American foreign policy. Have you read the early history of this trafficking issue? This Wash Post article explains so much about the way the trafficking issue only went international after it fell flat on its face in the USA. Take a look:


    • I did work for the army as a contractor chemical defense research tech. I checked out the Blue Ventures program— looks really cool and like it was an awesome opportunity. Thanks for sending me the article. Often times law enforcement ends up not acknowledging trafficking victims in brothel raids etc. Instead, they are categorized as illegal immigrants or prostitutes and are thrown in jail or are deported. I will say that there is also A LOT of intimidation involved with trafficking victims including threats to family etc. It is not far fetched that victims would not come forward in order to protect their families. Take a look at backpage.com and I am sure you will see blatant fronts for brothels and “exotic sex” in the US. Where are these exotic girls coming from?

      I agree, American foreign policy and funding needs to be adjusted; however, I feel our country would look much less like “bullies” if it adjusted its military pursuits around the world. Holding countries accountable for protecting marginalized and exploited populations and advocacy for these populations seems to be a noble effort.

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